Thomas John and Mark Wessels in "Monkey King"

One of the most colorful, powerful characters in literature is the supernatural Chinese hero, Monkey King.

In Wu Ch’eng-en’s 16th-century novel, “Journey to West,” Monkey King served as a bodyguard to a Buddhist priest on a quest to find a sacred document.

Masked actors, all advanced students from the Clown Conservatory from the San Francisco School of Circus Arts, will bring the story to life at 3 p.m. Sunday, May 2, at the Dance Palace, 5th and B streets, in Point Reyes Station.

Directed by Clown Conservatory founder and director Jeff Raz with Felicity Hesed, the play features original music by Johannes Mager.

Admission: $10; $8, seniors; $6, children. Information: (415) 663-1075;