"Greens and Blues" by Keith Roberts

Last week, I shared the story of my late uncle’s quirky painting, ‘Space Dogs,” which has hung on the family room wall in his home for decades.

Then I called on all of you to share your own hidden artistic treasures, and the responses starting coming in right away.

Today, we have a couple of paintings from part-time artist Keith Roberts, who lives in downtown Santa Rosa and works as a senior administrative assistant for the City of Santa Rosa.

In an addition to the picture shown aboveĀ  (“my attempt at something abstract”) and a portrait of his cat, Keith sent in an Andy Warhol-style Mickey Mouse picture he titled “Donald Duck.”

His explanation? “I guess I have a dry/sarcastic/silly sense of humor.”

Artist Keith Roberts titled this picture 'Donald Duck.'

Let’s keep this going. Please email me jpgs of your favorite homemade art at dan.taylor@pressdemocrat.com, and I will post more of them in the ARTS blog.