"Alien Baby"

I don’t know if this qualifies as folk art, but we asked the folk to send us their art, and they did.

This one comes from Tim Hayes, longtime Sonoma County actor and purveyor of odd humor, with a very succinct note:

“Here is a painting, ‘Alien Baby,’ done by my daughter, Dore, a few years ago. I believe it is acrylic on wallboard.”

Email jpgs to me at dan.taylor@pressdemocrat.com, and I will continue to post these previously overlooked treasures in the ARTS blog.

A postcript:

Hayes, you may remember, appeared in this blog last year in his role as host of the Ladoga Cup, a miniature regatta held in a pool in a friend’s backyard in Santa Rosa every Labor Day for the last 20 years. The trophy cup, made of durable plastic,  shows Raggedy Andy holding what appears to be a large wedge of Swiss cheese.