Mystery Photo No. 4: "Bodega residence"

We’ve tried to identify two churches and a hop kiln so far, and did pretty well with one of the churches. Now it’s time to try a really old home.

Earlier this week, the ARTS blog launched the “Mystery Photo” series, trying to help Lynn Prime, Digital Projects Librarian at Sonoma State University, identify archival photos taken more than three decades ago by students in a historical preservation course.

Today, we’re ready for Mystery Photo No. 4,  “Bodega residence” (ID# carpssu_020):

” We know the house was built in the 1850s. The photo was taken sometime between 1974-1976 (student photographer unknown),” Prime said. “Other than that, we have no information.”

Got details? You can post your information and comments here, and you can also contact Prime directly at or (707) 664-4025. And tell me your stories about the place, if you have any. Was it your grandfather’s childhood home?

For more information on the North Bay Historic Preservation Digital Collection, and more photographs (about 300 so far), visit