Mystery Photo No. 16: "Barn"

Identifying old photos can be easy, or it can be tough.

For newcomers to our Mystery Photo series,  here’s quick recap:

We’ve been helping Lynn Prime, Digital Projects Librarian at Sonoma State University, identify some of the hundreds of photos taken by students as part of historical preservation course during the ’70s.

Today’s offering bears practically no clues at all, just the word “barn.”  The only other information we have is that the photo was taken between 1974 and 1978.

“Any details about the property and its location would be welcome,” Prime said.

We’re calling this one Mystery Photo No. 16, but Prime’s archival number for it is carpssu_647.

If you can help, post your comments here.

For more information about SSU’s North Bay Historic Preservation Digital Collection visit or contact Prime at or (707) 664-4025.