Elliot Kallen

Devotees of authentic traditional Japanese music won’t want to miss “Silk and Bamboo: The Winter Concert,” at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 12, at the Uribe Studios Backstreet Gallery, 461 Sebastopol Ave., in Santa Rosa’s A Street arts district.

The program will include the centuries-old, rarely performed, story songs of the blind biwa (Japanese lute) players, the meditative bamboo flute music of the Zen Komuso monks, and classical Japanese poetry set to music.

Yoko Hiraoka

The featured performers are Elliot Kallen, who plays the shakuhachi, a traditional bamboo flute from Japan, and Yoko Hiraoka, a master five-string biwa teacher and player.

Admission: $15. Reservations: (707) 575-8626 or (707) 303-5925.