Mystery Photo No. 18

It has been a little while since we posted a new entry in the Mystery Photo series, our effort to help Lynn Prime, Sonoma State University’s Digital Projects Librarian, identify some 850 photos, taken during the ’70s by students in the college’s historical preservation course.

So far, she has entered about 300 in the university’s digital archives.

Since the notes that have survived the past three decades are sketchy and incomplete, she’s reaching out to the public for help in identifying these old photos.

Today’s entry is Mystery Photo No. 18 ( carpssu_649 in the SSU files.) The only background notes for this image say, “Residence. Unknown photographer, taken between 1974-1978.”

Prime adds,  “Any details about the property and its location would be welcome.”

You can post your information and comments here, or contact Prime directly at or (707) 664-4025.

For more information on the North Bay Historic Preservation Digital Collection, and more photographs, visit