Tapas New Short Play Festival directors pore over script submissions. Left to right: Lee Meryl Senior, Scott Kersnar, Jacquelyn Wells, Darlene Kersnar, John Rowan, Lois Pearlman, Nancy Hansen.

Tapas, as you surely know, is the word for Spanish snacks or appetizers but in local drama, the term has another meaning, too.

The Pegasus Theater’s annual Tapas New Short Play Festival  runs five weekends, starting with a gala Friday, Aug. 26, featuring tapas (naturally) and champagne.

Curtain time is 8 p.m. and the gala tickets cost $30.

Festival directors evaluated nearly 100 submissions to choose the nine plays for this year’s program. The festival continues through Sept. 25 at the Rio Nido Lodge,
two miles east of Guerneville.

Pay as you can other Fridays; $15 Saturdays and Sundays.

Information:  583-2343, pegasustheater.com.