Robert Ellison's "Renaissance," shown at its former spot in Santa Ros's Courthouse Square

If you’re driving through downtown Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square, see if you notice what’s gone.

“Renaissance,” Robert Ellison’s brightly painted steel sculpture of a giant pair of scissors, installed downtown in 2007, has been relocated to the A New Leaf Gallery  in Sonoma, Tara Matheny-Schuster, City of Santa Rosa Arts Coordinator, announced Friday.

Loaned to the city by the sculptor four years ago as part of the Artwalk program, the piece drew ridicule from some passers-by, but proved popular with kids who liked to climb on it.

“Renaissance” will go on display at the gallery in Sonoma soon, Matheny-Schuster said.

Two other sculptures remain on display in Courthouse Square: “Missaweek,” by William Wareham, and “Family Conference”by Darrell Horn.

Several sculptures by Ellison, who lives and maintains his studio on Sonoma Mountain, are still on display on the grounds of Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.