In 1956, shortly before “Dracula” film star Bela Lugosi died, he appeared in some odd bits of footage shot by low-budget film writer and director Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Some of that film found its way into the notoriously bad movie “Plan 9 from Outer Space,”  which premiered in 1957 and was released in 1959.

In 1980, authors Michael and Harry Medved dubbed “Plan 9 from Outer Space” the “worst movie ever made.”  Wood was posthumously awarded the Medveds’ Golden Turkey Award as the worst director ever.

It has been a cult favorite ever since. It’s especially relevant at Halloween because, while the movie not particularly scary, it certainly is horrible.

It was inevitable that local actors would want to deliver some of those wonderfully cheesy lines from the original “Plan 9.”

Sonoma County journalist, playwright and performer David Templeton will present a staged reading of “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19, at Glaser Center, 547 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa.

The show features Wood’s original script,  “ever-so-slightly adapted so that it can be done in a voices-only format. I have not cut a single line of dialogue,” Templeton said.

“I have given a ‘voice,’ to the screenplay, which will be performed by Sheri Lee Miller, who will be delivering the ‘stage directions,’ tailored to give a real sense of what the movie was like, with gaffes and continuity errors and all,” he added. “It’s pretty hilarious.”

Eliot Fintushel will read the part of the film’s original narrator, the stage psychic Criswell, famous for the line “Events such as these will effect us in the future.”

The rest of the cast includes Keith Baker, Allison Rae Baker, Mark Bradbury, Eric Burke, Clint Campbell, Adam Palafox, Dave Pokorny, Rebekah Patti and Brandon Wilson.

Admission: $10.

Information: 568-5381,