Photographer Jennifer Hirschfield works on the "In My Backyard" project at Sonoma County Museum.

You’ve heard of NIMBYs.

Those are the folks who show up at public hearings to say they don’t oppose the construction of the latest big facility of some sort, as long as it’s “not in my backyard.”

Now it’s time for the “IMBYs.”

“In My Back Yard” is a concept promoted by Sonoma County artist and curator Pat Lenz.

What it means is that art photographers take pictures of arts display spaces, such as galleries and museums, from all angles, providing a whole different view of the art and the space itself.

The first “IMBY” exhibit went up last month at the Slaughterhouse Space art gallery at Duchamp Winery in Healdsburg.

Curated by Lenz and Dominic Egan, the show offers inventive photographic perspectives on the Slaughterhouse Space.

That show continues until Oct. 27. For information or an appointment to see the display:, (707) 431-1514.

Next, Lenz and Eagan are aiming at a bigger space: The Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa.

“We plan to open the museum on specific days and times and allow photographers access to the galleries as well as parts of the building not normally open to the public,” Lenz said.

The Sonoma County Museum edition of the “IMBY” exhibit is scheduled to run Jan. 25 through Feb. 27, and work is already under way.

“We had our first photo shoot at the museum this week and it was a huge success and loads of fun,” Lenz said.

“We have decided to also include interested painters . The next session is going to be Monday, Oct. 15,” she added.

“Anyone who is interested can contact me for more information at and to schedule an appointment,” Lenz said. “That’s mandatory. No drop-ins!”