We’re headed into the holiday shopping season, and I’d like to write a feature story for The Press Democrat on how people feel about that this year.

Are you optimistic? Do you plan to loosen up and spend a bit more money this time? Or not? In either case, why?

I’m not looking for alternative gift ideas here, so much as a reading on whether most people are still cautious about spending because of the recession, or whether they feel relaxed enough to shop more freely this year. Or perhaps the tough economy of recent years has trained people to stress material gifts a little less.

What do you plan do about gift-giving this season?  In short, how do you plan to SPEND the holidays?

Please email your ideas and comments to dan.taylor@pressdemocrat.com or call (707) 521-5243. Please include your name, email address and phone  number in case I need to ask you some follow-up questions.

— Dan Taylor