Marilyn Kentz

Back in 1990, Marilyn Kentz, Caryl Kristensen and Diane Conway formed a standup act called Comedy Camp for Mommies, which drew crowds all over Sonoma County.

Kentz and Kristensen went on to bigger shows as a duo called The Mommies, which also became the title of their NBC-TV prime-time comedy series from 1993 to 1995.

The pair also teamed on a television talk show and a book, before Kristensen stepped out of the picture, eventually becoming a high school counselor in Southern California.

Now, at 65, Kentz is the last Mommy standing, and on the road again with a one-woman show she calls “Will I Ever Wear A Bikini Again?”

Her Jan. 17 show at Cattlemen’s in Montgomery Village in Santa Rosa, announced just a few days ago, sold out so fast that now she’s looking to book a show in the Carston Cabaret at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts on Feb. 7.

“Apparently there are a lot of us Boomers ready to laugh about getting o-l-d,” she said.