Part of the set for 'The House on the Hill' TV series

Local Facebook friends are buzzing about “The House on a Hill,” an independent TV series filmed in Sonoma County and starring Jeff Bodean of Santa Rosa.

The show follows an aging rock star who moves out of Beverly Hills and into a secluded Gothic mansion in the countryside.

The “mansion” is actually a $200,000 set that Bodean and his Crowhaven Productions company have constructed over the past two years indoors at the business park near the Charles M. Schulz/Sonoma County Airport.

The pilot episode of “The House on a Hill” aired early last year on KICU-TV, Channel 36, in San Jose. A second segment, meant to be the official first episode of the series, has been filmed.

“We’re hoping to air Episode 1 by the end of the month, and we’re hoping for KTVU,” Channel 2, in Oakland, said Bodean, who is also executive producer of the show.

“This is an independent production,” Bodean said. “It’s absolutely local. All of the actors are local. We’ve got this huge, beautiful set, and we also shot on location all over the county.”

For more information, and to watch the pilot trailer and episode 1: