BoBo NorCal

The 49ers are hot, heading into the National Football Conference championship game Sunday, Jan. 20, against the Atlanta Falcons.

And a couple of local rappers are basking in that warmth with a video titled “Roll Call,” which rattles off the names of entire 49er roster.

So far, the video has racked up nearly 72,000 hits on YouTube.

Rappers BoBo NorCo (Sean McBride) and Really Real (Will Cunningham), both of Santa Rosa, shot the video at the Candlestick parking lot Dec. 30 during the 49ers victory over the Cardinals.

“We wanted to do an anthem,” McBride explained.

During a rowdy but happy tailgate party, the rappers even got a visit from the legendary Bay Area football fan Banjo Man (Stacy Samuels), a colorful presence at Niners games since 1983.

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