Amy Pinto and Brent Lindsay of the Imaginists. (Press Democrat photo by Crista Jeremiason.)

Later this year, the founders of Santa Rosa’s Imaginists theater, Amy Pinto and Brent Lindsay, will go to Eastern Europe to represent the theater  in Budapest and Moscow.

The Imaginists, based in Santa Rosa’s A Street District, drew the attention of Philip Arnoult, director of the Center for International Theatre Development during his tour of independent theaters in North America.

Theater experts from Bulgaria and Russia stopped to visit both the Imaginists and Sebastopol’s Independent Eye, founded and led by Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller.

Now the center is underwriting visits by Lindsay and Pinto to meet with the theater leaders in Hungary and Russia. Pinto leaves March 1 for Hungary. In June, Lindsay will meet Moscow with 80 theater professionals from 25 countries worldwide.

“Brent and Amy have been working very hard to establish the Imaginists in Santa Rosa and by doing so they have brought regional, national and now international attention, not only to the Imaginists, but to Santa Rosa,” said Brenda Fox, Imaginists general manager.