"Four Golems on a Wall" by Todd Barricklow

Santa Rosa artist Todd Barricklow, whose old-fashioned, big-wheeled bicycles were always a hit at the Handcar Regatta,
presents a new project this weekend.

“GolemDrone,” an installation of ceramic figures, tiles and woodblock prints, will be featured 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 3-4, during the Artwalk weekend in the Santa Rosa’ A Street arts district.

The exhibit continues through Aug. 31 at Gallery 300, 300 S. A St., Santa Rosa. Information: 707-332-1212, www.gallery-300.com.

In Jewish lore, a rabbi created the Golem, a nine-foot-tall clay giant, and brought it to life to protect his people against invaders.

“At the same time that I read about the Golem,” Barricklow said, “the United States lost one of its drones in Iran. The Iranians claimed to have hacked and plucked it from the sky. In the photographs,  the drone resembles a large toy plane,  and is the color of clay.”

Inspired by the idea of weapons that are created for defense and become frightening, Barricklow created his own “GolemDrones” on a smaller scale, just 36 inches tall, but rather menacing nonetheless.