Oscar-nominated short films come to movie theaters

Every year, the Academy Award nominations spark a fierce flash of interest among film fans. But for decades, one category languished in the shadows — the short films. Locally, Ky Boyd, proprietor of the Rialto Cinemas — first in Santa Rosa, and now in Sebastopol — has championed these little [...]

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SSU teacher critiques Oscar nominations

Christina Baker, an assistant professor in the American Multi-cultural Studies department at Sonoma State University, found a teachable moment in this year’s Academy Award nominations. In 1940, Hattie McDaniel became the first African American to win an Oscar, as best supporting actress as the mammy in “Gone With [...]

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A movie fan speaks out on the Oscars

The Academy Awards are approaching on Feb. 26, and movie buffs are guessing who will win what. So, just for today,  I am turning the ARTS blog over to movie fan, arts advocate and retired marketing executive Larry Carlin of Santa Rosa, to offer his views on the [...]

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Oscar-nominated short films at Summerfield Cinemas

How long does it take to watch a good move? As little as seven minutes, if you pick the right movie. Summerfield Cinemas in Santa Rosa will screen A collection of 10 of the best short films starting Friday, Feb. 10, all nominated for 2012 Academy Awards, and [...]

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