I’ve been covering the arts for much longer than I ever plan to admit in public. But lately, I’ve strayed — very cautiously — into a little bit of sports writing. If you can call it that.

I’ll never be a serious threat to Bob Padecky, Lowell Cohn and the rest of that crowd, but I did write a story on Snoopy’s Adult Hockey League that’s scheduled to run Sunday, Jan. 30, in The Press Democrat.

(A couple of decades ago, I wrote a World Series column headlined “A Tragedy in Nine Acts,” but that’s another story.)

And I’m working on a piece for Super Bowl Sunday. I know nothing about the team lineups, or their strengths and weaknesses, but I am always curious about fan psychology. It doesn’t matter whether they’re movie fans or sports fans, I find people’s reasoning very informative.

There are no Bay Area teams playing in the big game this year, and yet I hear Sonoma County fans speaking passionately for or against the Packers or Steelers. Surely, these people aren’t all transplants from Green Bay or Pittsburgh.

So, I’ve been asking readers to send me emails about which team they’re rooting for, and more importantly, why.

I’ll use the pick of the email for a feature story. Write to me at dan.taylor@pressdemocrat.com. I need responses by noon Friday, Jan. 28.  Please include your name, hometown and age. Thanks for your help. (You can also respond here, but please include that identifying information.)

And after this, I’ll go back to the arts. I promise.