You can always count on the movies to start a conversation. Everybody’s got an opinion. And those opinions aren’t confined just to what we see on the screen.

A Sunday news story tracking increased attendance at movie theaters prompted quite a bit of reader response.

And one reader raised a familiar and troublesome issue: bad audience behavior.

“Fewer and fewer people seem to know how to behave during a movie.” the reader wrote. “Teens are the worst. Talking, talking on the phone, all in regular voices, as if they were in their living rooms.”

The complaints are common. People talk all through the film, pop up and down, wander in out of the auditorium.

Some blame the kids, but I wonder if the movie itself doesn’t make a difference. And the age of the audience. A while back, I attended a matinee of the Japanese animated film, “Ponyo,” that kept an auditorium full of young families entranced, and almost silent. Except for cheers and laughter.

What is your experience with current movie house manners? Share your best and worst stories. Any theories on causes of the problem (TV, computers)? Any ideas for solutions?

Here’s your chance to say your piece.

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