Mystery Photo No. 8, 'Water Tower, Sebastopol.'

Remember the old Hardy Boys series of mystery novels? The first one was titled “The Tower Treasure.”

Today’s “mystery photo” from Sonoma State University’s digital archives is No. 8, “Water Tower, Sebastopol,” (ID# carpssu_161).

“The photo was taken by Michael Himphill in 1975. The water tower is located at 4300 Burnside Rd., Sebastopol, but we have no more information about it,” said Lynn Prime, SSU’s Digital Projects Librarian.

Prime is working her way through some 850 photos, taken during the ’70s by students in the college’s historical preservation course, and she has stored some 300 in the digital archives so far. Details on many of the photos are sparse.

You can post your information and comments here, or contact Prime directly at or (707) 664-4025. For more information on the North Bay Historic Preservation Digital Collection, and more photographs, visit