'Layover on Route 66' by Terrence Howell

Art is where you find it, and sometimes you find it at a place like Louie’s Coffee Shop in the Marlow Shopping Center, #8, 1791 Marlow Road, Santa Rosa.

Based on his own observation that coffee shops get more foot traffic than art galleries, oil painter and mixed media and collage artist Terrence Howell will open his new exhibit, “Where Abstract meets Realism,” Dec. 1 at Louie’s.

Terrence Howell

“I did the math,” Howell said.

Originally from Memphis, Howel moved to Sonoma County in 1996 after seven years in Mendocino.

The show, which also features work by master woodworker and artist Wayne Berger, will run for two months. There will be a reception from 5 to 8 p.m. Dec. 4. For information, you can phone Louie’s at (707) 526-4087.