A panel from the March 1, 1951, 'Peanuts' comic strip.(©1951PNTS.)

See good ol’ Charlie Brown and the whole “Peanuts” comic strip gang at play in “Games Children Play,” an exhibit of 50 original cartoons by Charles Schulz, opening Wednesday, July 13, at the Schulz Museum, 2301 Hardies Lane, Santa Rosa.

For the nearly 50 years that Schulz drew the strip, the kids built sand castles, jumped in piles of leaves, made mud pies and played hide and seek.

(And they did it mostly without adult supervision, since grownups never appeared, although their presence was sometimes implied.)

The show will be on display through Nov. 28.  Admission: $5-$10; children 4 and under free. Information: 579-4452, schulzmuseum.org.

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