Graeme Stevenson

Followers of local fine arts may remember an Australian painter named Graeme Stevenson, who lived and worked in Sonoma County for a decade, from 1991 to 2001, before returning to his homeland.

He was back in Santa Rosa recently, talking about his Australian reality television series, “Put Some Color In Your Life.”

A husky 54-year-old, with piercing blue eyes and reddish and white hair and beard, Stevenson doesn’t look much like the art critic type you might expect to host this kind of show.

And that’s exactly the way he wants it.

“I ride around on my Harley Davidson and I go into these artists’ studios. The reason I can get into these studios is that I’m an artist myself,” he explained.

“The idea is I take people on a journey to these art studios and film some of the best artists in Australia,” Stevenson said. “I hope to film the best artists in the world before I’m through.”

The show airs four times weekly now on Channel 4ME in Australia, and Stevenson says he’s getting expressions of interest from broadcasters in the United States, Ireland, England and New Zealand.

The show is also seen on Virgin Airways flights worldwide, he said.

“Now I’ve got them coming to me,” Stevenson said, “which is pretty amazing.”

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